Today marks just one month until I leave the sunny shores of South Africa for the land of hope and dreams – the United States of America. Last week Thursday also marked the two-year anniversary of the founding of The Eagle’s Nest, but I apparently forgot that. Woops. Guess who’s sleeping on the couch tonight…


The Eagle's Nest is two years old!

The Eagle’s Nest is two years old!


It’s been a whirlwind two weeks, and with the clock ticking, the pressure has been on my one-man setup to make sure that I can make it over to the States, and be prepared once I get there. I’ve been in talks with local radio stations and media collectives, frantically sending out my pitch to whoever and wherever, and hopefully I’ll be seeing the fruits of my labour. At the moment, details haven’t been finalised yet with certain partnerships I might be forming, but the good news will be shouted from the rooftops and broadcasted from this site if and when the pieces fit together.


Site-wise, I have cleaned up certain pages, splitting them into sub-pages for your convenience. This is particularly evident under the Coachella section, where I have started some advance coverage on the background and history of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (its formal name). I will be analyzing the lineup further, outlining my plans for the eventual report that will come from this wonderful experience. Also, I have realised the inherent problem of juggling the old Eagle’s Nest site with the new one, expecting readers to flick between the two to see my 2011 work. To counter this inconvenience, I have decided to transfer each article across here, all with a disclaimer at the beginning stating when it was published. Thus, all my extensive part-time work from 2011 will soon be found under the Portfolio section.


With one month to go, I have also invoked a ‘Coachella Clause’ in my listening habits. This means loading up playlists on my iPod just containing music from artists I hope to be seeing at the festival. So please don’t tempt me with exciting new music; I have a really big test to study for.


"Have you heard the new XYZ album?"

“Have you heard the new XYZ album?”



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