Whether it’s a review, interview, recommendation or a discussion/opinion piece, I am ready and able to engage in any music-related journalism work. More a musicologist than a musician, I have an intense passion and interest in musical anthropology, history, criticism, and culture.


This is where I'd like to write

This is where I’d like to write


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      Links to my 5-article series on the 2013 edition of the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California can be found here:

      1. Introduction – “An Artistic And Musical Oasis”

      2. Day 1, Friday – “You Got Me Dancin’ In The Sun”

      3. Day 2, Saturday – “Entertainment, Show Them What You Do To Me”

      4. Day 3, Sunday – “Californication”

      5. Summary – “This Is The One”

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